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Delivering visually stunning architectural images for 30 years

In today’s digital world, everyone is familiar with photography. The camera you use is probably a variation of the basic 35mm camera available everywhere. By simply pointing and clicking, you are able to take great shots of your loved ones, cherished pets, family vacations, award ceremonies, and the list goes on and on.

And you probably get lots of great shots without complications.

However, when you start adding lots of perpendicular lines and parallel vertical planes found in buildings and architecture, the 35mm system falls short, because the 35mm camera’s lense is unable to capture an image without creating leaning walls and toppling buildings.

Why architectural photography requires special equipment and expertise

If you can, just imagine a properly-leveled camera on a tripod aimed at the wall of a tall building. If it is necessary to adjust the aim upwards even the slightest bit, the camera is no longer level, which means the film plane is askew to the subject plane. Although it may look fine through the viewfinder, the camera produces a different result altogether.

The View Camerawith its ability to adjust the film plane in relation to the subject plane—produces an accurate rendering of both perpendicular and parallel vertical lines.

But the view camera takes many years to learn. Its many movements produce an image on the ground glass that is upside-down, backwards and much darker than you'd probably imagine. Add to that the need to carefully select the best possible shooting angle, the lighting and visibility that affected by time of day and weather conditions, and the art of architectural photography takes on a high degree of complexity.

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Bill Schuemann has been actively working in Architectural Photography using large format view cameras since 1978. Based in Cleveland, Bill has worked on a variety of assignments around the world. His experience includes photographing the exteriors and interiors of commercial and residential buildings as well as famous landmarks, construction site progress, aerial, medical and restoration work photography.

With 30 years working exclusively in architectural photography, Schuemann Architectural Photography has the equipment, the know-how, and the thoroughness to help you navigate the complexities of architectural photography, and deliver spectacular results on your next project.

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